Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Once upon a time there lived a jack-in-a box named Masioh. And he was four years old. He had a little sister named Doo Rytu.

One day Doo was hanging up with a boyfriend named Boo. She kissed her boyfriend. Masioh saw the kiss and said: "Hello everybody. Would you like to meet my bunny named Hoho?" Doo said: "Not right now, I am with my boyfriend."

And one day they kissed each other with love and they made babies. They named their babies Bubu and Buba. And one day again the boy was only shopping for the girl. He bought her a dress that had sinking sand on it. The girl didn't like it.

And then the girl wanted another baby. She wanted to name the new bay Dăriuţ. Then they danced at the ball with a foot in front. And they lived happily ever after.