Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Modern Christmas Carol at Hancock Church

The kids from Lexington, MA in a one-time performance of a modern Christmas Carol, at the Hancock Church. My two granddaughters were in the show. You would recognize them. Daria was in the choir, very formally dressed, with white shirt and tie, all that stuff. As for Bianca, she was also in the play: look for the young lady with furry boats. I'm wondering whether May, Bianca's good friend, was not in the play, too. It seem to me that she was, the girl with a very open smile (wait a little: all of them had open smiles, so... okay, one of them).

(video by bitdribble)

(video by bitdribble)

(video by bitdribble)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December 2012

     Cześć!( that means hello in polish) This is a post just saying happy holidays! It started snowing on Dec. 1 and so here are some things you can do when it snows:

1. If you don't have a Winter Jacket you might want to go buy one !

2. Pretend you just found out there is going to be a blizzard tomorrow. What do you do: a. Get ready to get cozy b. start shoveling your driveway school tomorrow yay! B! You start shoveling!

3. Make a snow angel!

4. Have fun!

Monday, October 29, 2012


 Aloha dog lovers!

              This is a quick story about a dog named the  Hawaiian Poi Dog. The history of this dog is right here. PS I found this on the internet.


The original Hawaiian poi dog derived its name from poi, a Hawaiian staple food made from kalo or taro root. Poi was used to fatten the dogs for use as food because meat was too valuable to be used as dog food. Since the Hawaiian Islands did not have large land mammals other than feral hogs, Poi dogs weren't needed for hunting. The dogs were never deliberately bred to a standard, but human and natural selection still came into play.
European explorers like Captain Cook encountered pot-bellied, short-legged poi dogs that freely associated with hogs in the village. The dogs had very short hair that could come in any color, but brown poi dogs were regarded as distinct enough to warrant a specific name. The dogs also had peculiarly flattened heads. The latter trait is sometimes ascribed to the diet of the dogs in some unspecified way. Considering that poi does not require chewing, the dogs might have lost the need to maintain strong temporalis muscles; a reduced temporal fossa will cause a dog's head to appear flattened.[1] Poi dogs were considered rather dim-witted and sluggish[2] – any good hunting dog with acute senses would neither make a good poi dog, nor be particularly useful on the islands – however, the dogs were strong-willed and not easily commanded.
The poi dog was a two-purpose breed – used for food and as a lucky charm. Unsuited for anything else, the breed declined to extinction as the native religion was abandoned and eating dog meat became unfashionable. Feral dogs of European settlers interbred with the poi dogs, and by the early 20th century at latest, the breed disappeared as a distinct entity.


Today, the term "poi dog" is most often used to refer to mix-breed dogs, but also attribute specific characteristics to Poi dogs, including the ability to eat anything, a strong will, and a unique appearance composed of different breeds. "Poi Dog" is also used to describe mixed breed dogs; sometimes, the term is colloquially used to describe people of mixed Hawaiian-Anglo heritage, although the more common term in use is hapa.

Here is a picture of the Hawaiian Poi Dog


Thanks for listening!



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Homemade Cupcakes for Sale Chapter 1

 My name is Amanda. My mom's a cook. She loved working at this cupcake place so much that she decided she would make her own cupcake truck. " Amanda family meeting!" I came running downstairs into the living room."Okay so I'm thinking of opening a cupcake truck for example you have a truck and you sell cupcakes in it."
  "Mom are we going to have to help?" Avery my older sister asked.
 "Avery you are grounded so you have to help once we open."

The Florida Vacation Chapter 9 Shopping

Sarah called her Mom.Then Sarah and Fiona went to the cupcake shop first because their were free samples.They snacked on cupcakes until they were full. "Let's go shopping for clothes!" Fiona suggested. "Okay!". They went into their favorite store.
 "Fiona come quick!" Sarah said.
 "What is it?"
 "Look at this purse!
 "I'm gonna buy it!"

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Florida Vacation Chapter 8 Finding a job

 Sarah and Fiona sat down in the living room. They waited for Brinley to sit. " Okay so Fiona do you want to check for jobs on the internet or in the newspaper?" Sarah asked happily. " Well let's start with newspaper." Fiona said. They looked in the 'Help Wanted' section. " So what did you find?" Brinley asked. "What about 'Hilly's'? The place that serves burgers and hotdogs and other stuff like that? " Sarah asked. " No way." Brinley said. " Wait what about that job at the new costume place 'Scary's Costumes' " Brinley asked. "They have a opening!" Fiona said. " That place is perfect for you because you love shopping and buying clothes!" Sarah said. " Okay! I'm going to the mall now to try out ! Do you guys want to come?" Brinley said. "Sure! I'll bring my money!" Sarah said. " Wait but Fiona doesn't have money."  " I knew we would go somewhere so I brought a 20 dollar bill." Fiona said. " MOM SARAH, FIONA AND I ARE GOING TO THE MALL!" Brinley screamed. "OK JUST BRING YOUR CELLPHONES AND CALL ME WHEN YOU GET THERE AND WHEN YOU GET BACK!" Ms. Birlden screamed back. The three girls got into the car and soon they were at the mall. "Okay I'm going. You call Mom Sarah and I'm going to be at 'Scary's Costumes' and I will call you when I'm back." Brinley said . Brinley left quickly.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hi everyone

Hello everyone!I have my own website if you would like to see.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sneezing Princess Paisley

Once upon a time there was a princess named Paisley. Paisley had blond hair and a golden shining crown. She would always wear pink dresses. The problem with Paisley was she would always sneeze. When she sat down on her royal purple throne she would sneeze and get the purple throne dirty. One day she was walking past a guard and she sneezed right on him. The queen, queen Megan decided that it was time for princess Paisley to have manner lessons. So one day Princess Paisley walked into the lesson room. "Hello, I am the manner teacher Miss Franks. Do not sit like that on a chair it is very rude. I will teach you to be a lady. I heard from your mother Queen Megan that you are sneezing to much and your also sneezing on people. I decided that you will need a handkerchief. So you can sneeze in it." Miss Franks said. "Okay, but can I choose mine?" Princess Paisley asked. "Of course." Miss Franks responded. Princess Paisley chose a white one with little tiny pink flowers on it. After using the handkerchief so much she didn't have to sneeze so much and everything was okay in the kingdom.


The Florida Vacation Chapter 7 Getting Fiona

 Brinley started the car. She drove to Fiona's street which was "123 Gulopald Street". Sarah got out of the car. Sarah's blond wavy long hair was in a braid like usual. She walked up the front steps. Ding Dong went the doorbell. "Hello!" Said Fiona's mom Mrs. Hanery. "Come in dear you must be freezing!" She said lovingly. "Okay. Thank you!" Sarah said. She entered the blue house with Ms.Hanery. "HI Sarah! Let's go!" Fiona said. "Fiona! What time will you be home?" Ms.Hanery  asked. "7pm BYE MOTHER!" Fiona said. "Bye!" Mrs. Hanery said. Fiona and Sarah walked outside and shut the door. They ran to the car. "Hi Fiona." Brinley said. "Hi." Fiona said. Fiona had black, long straight  hair. Today it seemed that she was wearing it in a ponytail. "Oh Sarah, I have something to tell you. Remember when I went to new york a couple of weeks ago? Well I got you a gift. Here. It is a key chain that you can put on your backpack." "Thanks," Sarah said and hugged her friend Fiona. Soon they arrived to Sarah's house. "Fiona, my sister needs to get a job. Do you want to help us find one?" Sarah asked. "I would love to." Fiona said.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Florida Vacation chapter 6 The Deal

After hearing Brinley and her mom's conversation she took the home phone and called Fiona her best friend. She typed in her number then she started to hear Fiona. "Hi," Said Fiona. "Who is this?" "It's me Sarah Birlden. I was going to ask you if you wanted to come over to my house and play until 7pm because we also have t.v.  time at 4pm and we can watch a movie." Sarah said. "Let me ask my Mother" Fiona quickly said. 50 seconds later she was back on the phone. "Hi Sarah? My mom said yes but do you mind having your sister drive me?" Fiona said. "Sure." Sarah said. " we will be there in 20 minutes. Bye!" "SARAH I NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT SOMETHING! Brinley shouted. "Sarah, can you help me find a job? I promise I will drive you anywhere and I will give you 20 dollars and I will do your job for a week. Do you say yes?" "Yes." Sarah said. But I need you to drive me somewhere first. Tomorrow we will start finding a job but we will not take it yet because we are in Florida." "Okay where do you need me to drive you?" Brinley asked. "Fiona's house and back." Sarah said. " Okay. Mom we are going to Fiona's house and back!"Brinley said. "OK!" Her mom said. Sarah and Brinley got in the car.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Florida vacation Chapter 5 PACKING

 Sarah went to her room and started her luggage. She packed clothes, books, her black teddy bear named Randy, her camera and her toothbrush. She knew she was missing something. Her brush! She was missing her brush. When she was done packing she started to clean her room. It took one hour to clean her room. Then it was 11:57-Lunch time! She ran to the kitchen table. She almost forgot about lunch. "Hi Mom" Sarah said to her mom while she gave Sarah her rice and chicken. "Hi Sarah. Where is Brinley?" Her Mom asked. "The last time I saw her she was cleaning her room and that was an hour ago." Sarah Said. " I'M HERE!" Brinley shouted. "I was just finishing my luggage!" "Brinley we need to talk. Come to the coffee table in the living room after you eat and do the dishes."Mrs. Birlden said.  "Okay." Brinley Said. Sarah ate quickly. When she was done she put her dirty dishes in the sink and started her choir. Her choir today was laundry. She put all the white dirty clothes in the washing machine and left.(Her job was  to just put the clothes in the machine.) She went into the living room to get the house phone. She saw her mom talk to Brinley about something. She hid behind the blue with green stripe couch and listened. "Brinley, you need to get a job. Your dad and I can't keep lending you." Sarah's Mom said. " I will get one. I have 20 dollars and I'm going to ask Sarah to help me find one. Then I will give the 20 dollars to Sarah. Plus I'll do all of Sarah's choirs for one week. She is the best sister." Brinley said. "Okay. Tell me when it works out and you can use my blue car to get to work. I need to go." Her mom said. I'm definitely  going to help her! Sarah thought.

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Hey Daria,

I like how you share your opinions about the French Poodles and such. I think you'd be good to be a reviewer when you grow up.

peaches in paris

 Today and everyday I've been in Paris I've noticed that all the fruits are fresher then anywhere in the world where I've traveled. Especially the peaches. I love peaches but the peaches in Paris are different. When you bite in one you feel happy. The peach smells like a perfume from heaven. The peach is spleanded, delightful and great. You should try one.
                                                                               The girl in the polka-dot sweater

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Dear Dog Lovers,
          Do you know when you go to Paris and you think that there will be so many poodles? Well and then you find out there are only about 5 poodles in all of Paris! That is what happened to me. Everyday I walk on the street in Paris. I see labs and golden retriever. I also see zero poodles! It turns out a lot of people in Paris have big dogs instead of tiny poodles or other small dogs. I was really surprised! What do you think of when someone says the word "Paris"? {Tell me in the comment bar.} I think of the Eiffel Tower and a fancy dressed woman with a silky, green scarf and a pink raincoat with a hand bag or a purse with a poodle in it! The poodle has pink clothes on it and the woman has a strong french accent when she speaks English! The woman gets mad when someone doesn't mean to push her just a centimeter. She lives in a giant apartment in Paris with maids. But the truth is there are almost no poodles in Paris at all! Please comment about what you think about this article. Thanks,
                                    Girl in the polka-doted sweater
                                                                                                   PS Girl in the polka-doted sweater is my writing name so when you comment or leave a question write Gil in the polka-doted sweater.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Florida Vacation chapter 4 Info

 "Mom am I staying home today?" Sarah asked. "Yes. So is your older sister. I need to work today. Dad is in Nebraska for a business trip he left yesterday and so I need to work home today and take care of Brinley and you." Sarah's mother said. She went upstairs in Brinley's room and called her for breakfast. Then she told Brinley the news. "Now girls, start packing when your done with you food. Sarah your red luggage with polka dots is in your room. Brinley your taking your pink luggage and it's in your room. Pack bright colors and sun dresses. When your done packing clean your room. At 12:00 sharp we have lunch. At 6:00 sharp we have dinner. Sarah when your done eating lunch and doing your choir  you can invite Fiona to come to our house and play with you." Mrs.Birlden said. "Thanks Mom Bye!" Both of the girls sang. " Oh and Sarah and Brinley TV time is at 4pm!" Mrs.Birlden shouted.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fel de Fel de Intamplari cu Tot Soiul de Parizieni

la Paris in cizme de cauciuc
imagine luata din ziarul Indiscret
no copyright infringement intended

Se inseala cine crede ca Parisul este numai unul. Ca sa va dau doar un exemplu, mai exista un Paris si in sudul Basarabiei. Si mai sunt si altele. Chiar acum cateva zile am aflat de un Paris prin judetul Olt, un catun facand parte din satul Optasi-Magura, destul de aproape de Scornicesti. Suna ciudat, nu-i asa? Un catun numit Paris, la care ajungi numai trecand printr-un vad, pentru ca pod nu exista. Daca apa e mica, treci vadul usor, pe jos sau cu masina. Insa primavara se umfla apele, si atunci doar caruta trece peste puhoi, altfel nu mai ajungi la Paris. Un catun de cateva zeci de case, cu un magazin mititel si saracacios, botezat butic, in care poti sa dai pe gat o tarie ieftina, un drum cam nepietruit, si parizieni care fac haz de necaz tot timpul. Am fost de multe ori la Slatina si am cunoscut o gramada de oameni de prin satele din jur. Ei, uite ca printre ei se aflau si cativa parizieni.

Dar de unde o veni numele catunului din judetul Olt? Nimeni nu stie precis, exista cateva ipoteze, toate cam deocheate. Iata una dintre ele:

Am auzit ca, inainte de razboi, obisnuia sa vina pe linia asta, care se numea atunci drumul de manevra, un perceptor,  sa-si ia dreptul. Cand il vedeau ca vine, oamenii se ascundeau si dezlegau cainii sa-l alunge. Vazand atatia caini pe ulita, perceptorul ar fi zis ca numai in Paris, capitala, mai sunt asa de multi si asfel a ramas si numele catunului.

Cu Parisul din sudul Basarabiei este o istorie mai lunga. Nu l-am vazut niciodata, dar stiu de el din copilarie. Tatal meu traise nulti ani la Galati. Era intre cele doua razboaie mondiale, iar Basarabia se unise cu patria ei mama. Pana la Paris nu era deci prea departe, iar tatal meu si prietenii lui, toti foarte tineri pe vremea aceea, glumeau intre ei, ma duc si eu la Paris pentru vreo doua zile.

Vorba asta mi-a ramas in minte, de parca ar fi fost si pentru mine simplu sa dau o fuga pana la Paris. Insa alte informatii nu aveam,  decat gluma de care tatal meu imi pomenise de fapt doar o singura data. Iar de ajuns acolo, era mai greu chiar decat sa te duci pana in Parisul frantuzesc. Bugeacul (cum mai este cunoscut sudul Basarabiei), cu Parisul lui cu tot, face parte acum din Ucraina, formand cu tinutul de dincolo de Limanul Nistrului o singura zona administrativa, regiunea Odesa.

Anii au trecut, am reusit odata sa ajung si in Parisul de pe malul Senei, dar la cel din Bugeac tot n-a fost sa fie.

Acum vreo doua saptamani, un prieten a postat pe Facebook o imagine a unui sat: cateva cladiri lunguiete ordonate perpendicular pe un drum larg de tara. Titlul mi-a atras atentia: Romania. Moldova. Cetatea Alba. Tarutino. Paris. 1940.

Romania. Moldova. Cetatea Alba. Tarutino. Paris. 1940
imagine publicata pe Facebook de catre Alexandru Ursu-Bukowina
no copyright infringement intended

Era prima imagine din Parisul basarabean pe care o vedeam, si prima indicatie pentru a localiza asezarea: Paris, Tarutino, Cetatea Alba, inseamna ca localitatea Paris facuse parte pana in 1940 din plasa Tarutino, la randul ei parte din judetul Cetatea Alba.

Am inceput sa caut pe web, pentru a da de o surpriza: intre cele doua razboaie mondiale Parisul a facut parte de fapt din plasa Tatar-Bunar (asezarea fiind insa foarte apropiata si de Tarutino).

Oricum, aflasem ca Parisul se afla intre Tarutino si Tatar-Bunar.  Pasul urmator era gasirea unei harti a zonei. Aici alta dracie: intre timp numele localitatii s-a schimbat! Se cheama acum Veselyi Kut (Веселый Кут), ceea ce pe romaneste inseamna Unghiul Vesel, sau Coltzul Vesel. Peste asta, Veselyi Kut nu este nici el unul singur, asa ca daca nu esti atent, dai de o harta a unei zone cu un alt Coltz Vesel, mai aproape insa de Kiev.

Pana la urma am dat de harta cu Parisul devenit Veselyi Kut si asezat intre Tarutino si Tatar-Bunar:

harta regiunii
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harta regiunii - close up
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Odata toate lucrurile astea stabilite, am inceput sa caut pe Internet imagini ale Parisului basarabean. Aici o noua surpriza: ce-am gasit mai intai era o imagine de epoca a unei biserici luterane!

Biserica Luterana din Paris - asa cum era odata
no copyright infringement intended

O biserica luterana aratand fara nici un cusur si aflata intr-un sat asezat intre Tarutino si Tatar-Bunar, fie el chiar purtand un nume atat de sonor cum este Parisul, asta imi parea de mirare, insa curand aveam sa dau de tot mai multe surprize.

Pe langa Paris, in zona existau localitati precum Leipzig, Wittenberg, Klöstitz, Katzbach, printre multe altele cu nume sunand la fel de nemteste. Alaturi de ele si nume romanesti, unele avand un farmec cu totul aparte, ca de pilda Frumusica sau Gradina. Cat despre numele rusesti de localitati, astea erau de fapt nume de batalii din timpul razboiului cu Napoleon  (Tarutino, Berezina, sau Borodino).

Azi insa numele de localitati de acolo sunt mai toate ucrainiene, Halle a devenit Alisivka, Strassburg (ca exista acolo si un Strassburg) a devenit Alkalyia, pana si Cetatea Alba se numeste acum Bilhorod Dnyiestrivskyi. Cat despre biserica luterana din Paris (azi numit Veselyi Kut), arata acum la fel cum arata orice cladire abandonata.

Biserica Luterana din Paris - cum a ajuns intre timp
fotografie de Reiseluscht
no copyright infringement intended

Iar cand am pus totul cap la cap am reusit sa inteleg un capitol de istorie, care a inceput pe la 1814 si s-a terminat fix in octombrie 1940: prezenta colonistilor germani in Basarabia.

Aducerea de colonisti germani in tinuturile dintre Prut si Nistru (smulse in 1812 de catre Rusia din trupul Moldovei) a inceput dupa incheierea razboaielor cu Napoleon. Colonistii erau improprietariti si primeau unelte agricole, intreaga comunitate bucurandu-se de un regim fiscal avantajos si de un grad ridicat de autonomie, religioasa, culturala si administrativa.

Primii colonisti veniti au ramas cunoscuti sub numele de colonisti  varsovieni, ceea ce nu inseamna ca erau polonezi - erau tot germani, care pe la 1800 se mutasera din regiunile lor de origine intr-o zona apartinand in acel moment regatului Prusiei, trecuta apoi sub autoritatea Marelui Ducat al Varsoviei, apoi sub administrare tarista - pentru acesti germani era asadar o a doua migrare in mai putin de douazeci de ani.

In general colonistii germani au venit din regiuni foarte diferite, asa incat in fiecare sat intemeiat de ei in Basarabia se vorbea un alt dialect. Unii erau din provinciile germane din nord, li se zicea aici, poate impropriu, kashubi. Celor sositi din sud li se zicea svabi, originari din Suabia adica (ceea ce ii diferentiaza de svabii din Banat - cu ei e alta poveste, pe care voi incerca sa v-o spun altadata).

Alta imagine de azi a Bisericii Luterane din Paris
fotografie de Herb Poppke
no copyright infringement intended

Sa ne intoarcem insa la Paris, ca am cam uitat de el. Satul a fost intemeiat in 1816, cu colonisti varsovieni. care l-au botezat la inceput Alecksuesswerth, probabil in amintirea localitatii din Netzedistrikt (una din regiunile acelea cand prusace, cand poloneze) pe care o parasisera pentru a veni aici. A fost insa repede redenumit Paris prin decizie venita dela Petersburg, dela Ministerul de Interne al Rusiei. Motivul nu era celebrarea capitalei franceze, cum am fi putut banui, ci cu totul altul, un motiv care azi pare bizar, dar in momentul acela isi avea rostul lui: in urma marii Batalii a Natiunilor dela Leipzig, armata tarului ajunsese pana la Paris!

Bun, deci parizienii din Bugeac erau varsovieni de pe Valea Netzerului, ca sa zic asa, dar acum ma veti intreba de unde plecasera prima oara, cand se mutasera in Netzedistrikt? Se pare ca din zona Mecklenburgului, adica de undeva de pe langa Rostock, Schwerin sau Neubrandenburg, asadar din nordul Germaniei.

Si daca mergem si mai indarat in timp, pot sa va zic ca am dat de o alta surpriza: parizienii ar fi pana la urma chiar parizieni! Ma rog, nu chiar parizieni, dar oricum francezi: hughenoti care ar fi venit in tinuturile germane din cauza persecutiilor religioase. Deci Franta (nu chiar Paris) - Germania (Meklenburg) - Polonia (Netzedistrikt) - sudul Basarabiei (Paris). Este o ipoteza frumoasa, nimic de zis, insa nu se sprijina decat pe o singura observatie: existenta in Parisul basarabean a multor nume de familie care suna frantuzeste (chiar daca au fost in timp germanizate): Allmer, Fano, Fercho, Jans, Kison, Kroisandt, Reppnack, Salo. Am gasit observatia asta intr-un singur loc: o carte (Suckut, Arthur: Paris in Bessarabien. Herausgegeben zum 170. Jahrestag der Gründung des Dorfes Paris, im Eigenverlag, 1986), citata in

Masina de treierat cu locomotiva, Paris, 1915
no copyright infringement intended

Venirea colonistilor si intemeierea de sate germane a continuat pana la 1840. Si au ramas acolo pentru multe decenii, reprezentand vreo 3% din totalul populatiei basarabene, pastrandu-si identitatea lor de germani (ba chiar si dialectele, diferite dela sat la sat), in timp ce tinuturile dintre Prut si Nistru si-au trait istoria lor, sudul Basarabiei fiind in componenta Romaniei pentru vreo douazeci si ceva de ani la in a doua parte a secolului XIX, fiind ocupat apoi iar de Rusia, intreaga Basarabie unindu-se  cu Romania la 1918.

Colonistii germani aveau sa paraseasca Basarabia in octombrie 1940, dupa ocuparea provinciei de catre Uniunea Sovietica. Plecarea colonisitilor era urmarea unei intelegeri germano-sovietice, in baza Pactului Ribbentrop-Molotov. In satele ramase goale au fost adusi rusi si ucrainieni.

Octombrie 1940 - Etnicii germani parasesc Basarabia
imagine publicata pe Facebook de catre Alexandru Ursu-Bukowina
no copyright infringement intended

Am gasit pe Facebook mai multe imagini legate de plecarea colonistilor germani in octombrie 1940. Imi permit sa fac o remarca: nu este vorba de refugiati, pentru ca, asa cum am zis, colonistii au plecat din Basarabia pe baza unei intelegeri germano-sovietice in cadrul Pactului Ribbentrop-Molotov: la acea data relatiile dintre Hitler si Stalin erau excelente.

imagine publicata pe Facebook de catre Alexandru Ursu-Bukowina
no copyright infringement intended

imagine publicata pe Facebook de catre Alexandru Ursu-Bukowina
no copyright infringement intended

imagine publicata pe Facebook de catre Alexandru Ursu-Bukowina
no copyright infringement intended

Si o ultima surpriza: am gasit pe web trei filme documentare, create de urmasii de astazi ai acelor colonisti germani din Basarabia, urmasi care au reusit sa viziteze satele stramosilor lor, azi locute de ucrainieni: un pelerinaj facut pe jos, din sat in sat, insotiti de o caruta de bagaje, trasa de un cal cu un nume extraordinar: Bunik!

Acei colonisti de demult au reusit sa isi pastreze identitatea lor de germani, aflati atat de departe de patrie. Urmasii lor traiesc azi in Germania, si reusesc sa pastreze identitatea bunicilor si strabunicilor lor de pe pamantul Basarabiei. Sa va dau cateva fraze spuse in filmul al treilea:

Heimat ist kein Ort
Heimat ist ein Gefühl

Wer nicht weiß, woher er kommt, der weiß auch nicht, wohin er geht!

1. Back to the Roots (Inapoi la radacini)

Back To The Roots, martie 2009
Anika Teubner
Impressionen in Fotoform
(video by melocotonchen)

2. Eine Bessarabische Reise (O calatorie basarabeana)

Eine Bessarabische Reise, septembrie 2009
Anika Teubner und Werner Schabert
Part 1/4
(video by melocotonchen/)

Eine Bessarabische Reise, septembrie 2009
Anika Teubner und Werner Schabert
Part 2/4
(video by melocotonchen/)

Eine Bessarabische Reise, septembrie 2009
Anika Teubner und Werner Schabert  
Part 3/4
(video by melocotonchen/)

Eine Bessarabische Reise, septembrie 2009
Anika Teubner und Werner Schabert  
Part 4/4
(video by melocotonchen/)

3. Der Weg ist das Ziel - zu Fuß in Bessarabie (Drumul este scopul - pe jos prin Basarabia)

Der Weg ist das Ziel - zu Fuß in Bessarabie, 2011
Anika Teubner
die Dokumentation einer 5-tägigen Wanderung 
durch verschiedene, ehemals deutsche Ortschaften Bessarabiens.
Stationen: Tarutino, Alt-Posttal, Katzbach, Alt-Elft, Paris, Krasna.
Strecke: ca. 80 Km
(video by melocotonchen)

(Amintiri din Garla Mare)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview animals

Name= Ms. Blueball

Favorite color=blue

job=wing maker

friends= Mrs.Redrye, Ms.Greengoo

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The Florida Vacation Chapter Three Staying home

After Sarah brushed her teeth she went and got dressed. She wore a green shirt and dark blue yoga pants. Today was Tuesday. It was Hailing hard. She went downstairs to eat her breakfast. "Mom when are we going to start packing for Florida?" She asked. "Well today we need to take you to skiing class and after that you are ready to start packing." Her Mom Answered. Sarah sat down at the table. Just then the phone rang. "Lisa?"The voice on the phone said. "Yes this is she, who is this?" Asked Sarah's Mom into the phone. "This is Mary Gregton. Gardihin school's principle. We are here to inform you that there is no school today for Ms.Sarah Birlden because it will be hailing and lightning will start. Thanks for being okay with it. Bye now!" Said the woman on the phone.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The florida vacation chapter 2 The Fight

The next day Sarah jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. "Whoa. I was here first and my bus comes before yours." Said Sarah's older sister Brinley. Brinley was wearing her yellow bathrobe and brown slippers. Her straight, blond hair with tiny red hair strings were so tangled that it looked like she had curly hair. She was in a grouchy attitude. "Fine you can go before me. But let me take my toothbrush first." Sarah said Annoyingly. She walked in the bathroom and took her old,green toothbrush. She ran downstairs to the 2nd bathroom.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poezie despre Mama

Mama e buna la suflet
Mama stie sa faca mancare
Dar ce stie cel mai bine
este sa fie un prieten flexibil.
Cand eu stau pe canapea
si mananc,
ea imi aminteste
sa nu mananc pe canapea.

Ma ajuta cu lectiile
de scoala Rusa.
La scoala Rusa
invat matematica.
Cand este usor fac singura, dar
daca este mai greu pentru mine ma ajuta mami.

De dimineata, uneori
alege haine pentru mine.
(Mie um plac hainele
pe care mi le da mami).

O iubesc pe mami cu tot sufletul.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The cake fight chapter 12

The Cake fight chapter 12
I have a great house and family. But what I don't like is I am not allowed to use a oven. So instead I use a toy one. I'm so sad about that. My birthday is coming up in a week. ( September 30th 2012.) Maybe my parents will let me use the oven on my birthday!

The florida vacation chapter 1

The Florida Vacation

By Daria Radulescu-Banu

Chapter 1 coming home for news

Sarah Birlden ran home from the cold, windy, winter air. She quickly took off her purple jacket, and picked up her orange, tabby cat with green eyes.” Sarah!” She heard her mother’s voice. She gently put down the orange cat and skipped up to her mother. “Sarah.” she now said in a soft, sweet voice.” Your dad and I decided that we are going to Florida for February vacation. We need to start packing soon. We leave in five days.” Sarah started to get excited. “ Thank you so much! This is all I wanted for my birthday!” She appreciated what her parents had done to make her feel happy.