Monday, February 4, 2013

the florida vacation chapter 10 Not enough money

" How much does it cost?" Fiona asked. Sarah checked the price tag.
" $50.00? That is so much money !!!!! I only have $20.00." Sarah said.
" It's okay." Fiona replied. "Maybe you could buy this cute small one. It's only 10 bucks."
"No thanks its ok." Sarah responded.
" Well if you are not buying it i guess i will." Fiona said.
" Okay. i think when we go to another store ill buy something." Sarah replied .

homemade cupcakes for sale chapter 4

I walked to the kitchen and put some animal crackers on 2 plates. Then she got some milk out and poured it into 2 cups. Suddenly the phone rang.I ran to get the phone. It was Ms. Watson.
" Hello this is Amanda,"
"Hello dear. Ms. Watson here. I just wanted to tell you that the book club will take 2 hours but then Samantha the host of the book club invited everyone to a nice lunch which will take about 2 more hours. Is that okay honey?"
" Yes that is fine. I have nothing to do today anyways so i can stay here with them." I said.
" That is great. Well I have to go now so bye now." Ms. Watson replied then she closed the phone. I  called the girls to come to the table. She sprinted to the table. I giggled. Marisol and Ruth  were still playing with dolls. 

homemade cupcakes for sale chapter 3

" No it is mine! Mom bought it for my birthday!" Marisol screamed.
" Guys settle down . Tell me what happened." I replied. I picked up Marisol and set her on a chair. Then I picked up Ruth and set her on another chair.
" So what happened now?" I asked.
" Well i was playing with my brand new doll Cathy which i got for my birthday and Ruth came and took it from my hands! " Marisol spilled it all out .
" I just wanted a turn too! She never shares!" Ruth said.
" Guys settle down. Here is what we do. Marisol maybe you can let Ruth play with the doll for 10 min. While Ruth plays you can play with her barbie. Then we switch. Now who's hungry?" I say.
"ME!" They yell all together!