Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Florida Vacation Chapter 8 Finding a job

 Sarah and Fiona sat down in the living room. They waited for Brinley to sit. " Okay so Fiona do you want to check for jobs on the internet or in the newspaper?" Sarah asked happily. " Well let's start with newspaper." Fiona said. They looked in the 'Help Wanted' section. " So what did you find?" Brinley asked. "What about 'Hilly's'? The place that serves burgers and hotdogs and other stuff like that? " Sarah asked. " No way." Brinley said. " Wait what about that job at the new costume place 'Scary's Costumes' " Brinley asked. "They have a opening!" Fiona said. " That place is perfect for you because you love shopping and buying clothes!" Sarah said. " Okay! I'm going to the mall now to try out ! Do you guys want to come?" Brinley said. "Sure! I'll bring my money!" Sarah said. " Wait but Fiona doesn't have money."  " I knew we would go somewhere so I brought a 20 dollar bill." Fiona said. " MOM SARAH, FIONA AND I ARE GOING TO THE MALL!" Brinley screamed. "OK JUST BRING YOUR CELLPHONES AND CALL ME WHEN YOU GET THERE AND WHEN YOU GET BACK!" Ms. Birlden screamed back. The three girls got into the car and soon they were at the mall. "Okay I'm going. You call Mom Sarah and I'm going to be at 'Scary's Costumes' and I will call you when I'm back." Brinley said . Brinley left quickly.