Saturday, December 24, 2011


Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The penguin story page 4-5

The next day she woke up, she quickly got out of bed. she was SO sleepy! So she went back to bed. The next day she woke up. It was Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
For Christmas this year I want three things.
  • Family's happiness.
  • Family's health.
  • An old fashioned sled.
It's okay if you can't get any of those things,because one of my favorite things in Christmas is getting gifts for family and decorating the Christmas tree.
Hope you have a great year!
Sincerely ,
Daria Radulescu-Banu

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The penguin story page 2-3

First she made her Mom a Christmas card. Then her Dad. Then her Grandmother and Grandfather. Then finally her friends.After that she started on the cookies. Two were shaped like stars, three like hearts,one like a bird, and five like ginger bread men.Three hours later she went and got her Christmas tree. She got in her lime car, and drove to "Shirley's Christmas trees". There were big trees,small trees and medium trees.She chose a small Christmas tree with flashing gold lights,and a gold ribbon tied on the top going down. She quickly went to the cashier and gave him her 25 penguin coins for that was how much it cost. She got in her lime car with the tree and drove home because "Twas two days before Christmas!"

The penguin story page 1

There once was a penguin named Chilly. She had Black flippers, a Ruby Santa hat, And a smile on her face. Her favorite holiday was Christmas. " Oh how much I love Christmas." She thought.
The next day she would make Christmas cards for family and friends. But she would also make sweet, ginger bread cookies. The next day she woke up early. She quickly ate her fish cereal and, got out paper,markers,glue,scissors, and envelopes.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


My name is Bianca and I am on my sister's blog, yes. But is it a crime? NO. Because she has been on mine thousands of times. So, thank you. And I know that BUNICUL PIERRE will be seeing this, so I just wanted to say: THANK YOU. And GOOD NIGHT, people! Yep, I'm here every year.

Friday, November 18, 2011

the cake fight chapter 11

Here is my parents room:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the cake fight chapter 10

Here are our bathrooms:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the cake fight chapter 9

Here is our kitchen:

The cake fight chapter 8

Here is Rahi's bedroom:

The cake fight chapter 7

here is Jamir's bedroom: (I do not like it.)

The cake fight chapter 6

Here is Caroline's bedroom :

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the cake fight chapter 5

Here is my bedroom:
cute right?
Another thing that I like is FLOWERS!

The cake fight chapter 4

I live in this cute house. We have a very big yard! We have one car named Josie.(Caroline named the car.)

The cake fight chapter 3

I live with my Mom,Dad,My oldar Brother named Jamir, My younger brother named Rahi, Chico my dog, and my sister named Caroline.(You might not see me in this picture *sad*.Or Chico.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

the cake fight chapter 2

I go to Haiku elementary school. I have a awesome reading teacher named Ms.Huliar. My school is big. My favorite subject is Reading. When I have reading class I get a book about cakes and chocolate.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interveiw animals

"Today on Interveiw animals we have Harry Hadks Pumpernickel the dog.
Name:Harry Hadks Pumpernickel

Home state/Country:

Favorite color:Green

Job:Giving ice-cream to kids.

Favorite food:Gold.


Hello Kitty.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

the cake fight chapter 1

Hi my name is Rachel Britmington. I love cake. When I grow up I want too be a cook and bake cakes.
My best friend is Gandy Loverfi.
She is from Japan. I am from Greenland. But my family moved to San Francisco a month ago. Gandy also moved here a month ago. We also met in the airport. We had a lot of fun.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Once in Canada, there was a girl named Kaley. She loved playing her violin.
Her violin was her favorite thing in the world.
When she was 10 she got bored of her violin
and started playing the piano.
22 years later she was Sad.

a Picture of dogs

Interveiw animals

Today on interview animals We have Daria (The Golden dog) And Bianca (The Brown
dog). So Bianca , Where are you from?I am from Lexington, Massachusetts. And Daria?
I am also From Lexington, MA. So you are sisters? Yes. So Daria What is your favorite food?
I will have to say Pasta. But not the one on airplanes. It is disgusting on the airplanes.And
Bianca? Pizza. So Bianca What are you saving up for?A dog. And Daria ? A ipod.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

a cat photo

a Cat


Hello good dog lovers!Today I will show you 2 very cute DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello dog lovers! today I'm just showing dog pictures!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The cupcake war

Hi my name is Ypcv.I was born in India.Then I moved to Germany.That's where I had the cupcake war. This is how it all started: I went to Drallie's birthday party.(She is my best friend!) There instead of a chocolate cake where 50 cupcakes.I loved cupcakes! Right after Drallie's party there were 15 cupcakes.I mashed them on Rachgu's face.She got so mad she threw some at me..........THE END!


Hey D.L.'s do you guys want to see more pics?

Let's take a vote.Please post a comment about this:Which type of dog do you like more? Golden Retrivers or labs ????


hello dog lovers. Today our issue is Terriers(on the left is a picture.)We found out that Terriers are banned from some places!Which is crazy!

We are back with cute dog pics!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Hey daria I am writing in your blog. Jealous?

On the day that Daria was born
On the day that Daria was born
On the day that Daria was born
The angels sang and they blew on their horns
And they danced and they danced
Until you were born

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vasile Alecsandri - Sfarsitul Iernei

Este una din poeziile care mi-au ramas in suflet si le-am tinut cu mine pe orisiunde am fost.

S-a dus zapada alba de pe intinsul tarii,
S-au dus zilele Babei si noptile vegherii.
Campia scoate aburi; pe umedul pamant
Se-ntind carari uscate de-al primaverii vant.

Lumina e mai calda si-n inima patrunde;
Prin rapi adanci zapada de soare se ascunde.
Paraiele umflate curg iute sopotind,
si mugurii pe creanga se vad imbobocind.

O, Doamne! iata-un flutur ce prin vazduh se perde!
In campul vested iata un fir de iarba verde
Pe care-ncet se urca un galbin gandacel,
si sub a lui povara il pleaca-ncetinel.

Un fir de iarba verde, o raza-ncalzitoare,
Un gandacel, un flutur, un clopotel in floare,
Dupa o iarna lunga s-un dor nemarginit,
Aprind un soare dulce in sufletul uimit!

Alecsandri, portret de Aman

Zice Alecsandri, Romanul caracterizeaza sub forme poetice sau glumete toate variatiile timpului. Astfel, ii place a numi zilele Babei, zilele cele dentai ale lunei mart (giboulées de Mars), pretinzand ca ele sunt nesuferite, ca o baba care se cearta necontenit, si plange, se boceste si nu lasa pe nime in pace. insa adevarata denumire de zilele Babei e bazata pe sarbatoarea Dochiei (baba Dochia), ce cade la inceputul lui mart. Acele zile sunt urmate de zilele cocostarcului, a mieilor, a ciocarliei, a randunelelor etc., care prevestesc reintoarcerea in tara a paserilor pribegite de cu toamna si epoha nasterii mieilor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eminescu - Somnoroase Pasarele - Drowsy Birds

English Translation by Corneliu M. Popescu
(video by Lonely Moon Rise)

Somnoroase pasarele
Pe la cuiburi se aduna,
Se ascund prin ramurele -
Noapte buna!

Doar izvoarele suspina,
Pe cand codrul negru tace;
Dorm si florile-n gradina -
Dormi in pace!

Trece lebada pe ape
Intre trestii sa se culce -
Fie-ti ingerii aproape,
Somnul dulce!

Peste-a noptii feerie
Se ridica mandra luna,
Totu-i vis si armonie -
Noapte buna!

Monday, January 31, 2011

I am Nelly

Hi . I am Nelly.I am 34.I am Old. I have a huge family. I have 16 brothers and 39 sisters, 49 mothers and 69 fathers. I am the youngest.


O sa inchid hamsterul tau!

I am Leaky. I am very small. I just got born. Everybody loves me. So I do not understand. De ce veri sa inchizi viata mea?

What we appreciate about Daria: