Sunday, September 25, 2011

a cat photo

a Cat


Hello good dog lovers!Today I will show you 2 very cute DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello dog lovers! today I'm just showing dog pictures!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The cupcake war

Hi my name is Ypcv.I was born in India.Then I moved to Germany.That's where I had the cupcake war. This is how it all started: I went to Drallie's birthday party.(She is my best friend!) There instead of a chocolate cake where 50 cupcakes.I loved cupcakes! Right after Drallie's party there were 15 cupcakes.I mashed them on Rachgu's face.She got so mad she threw some at me..........THE END!


Hey D.L.'s do you guys want to see more pics?

Let's take a vote.Please post a comment about this:Which type of dog do you like more? Golden Retrivers or labs ????


hello dog lovers. Today our issue is Terriers(on the left is a picture.)We found out that Terriers are banned from some places!Which is crazy!

We are back with cute dog pics!