Saturday, February 11, 2012

Poezie despre Mama

Mama e buna la suflet
Mama stie sa faca mancare
Dar ce stie cel mai bine
este sa fie un prieten flexibil.
Cand eu stau pe canapea
si mananc,
ea imi aminteste
sa nu mananc pe canapea.

Ma ajuta cu lectiile
de scoala Rusa.
La scoala Rusa
invat matematica.
Cand este usor fac singura, dar
daca este mai greu pentru mine ma ajuta mami.

De dimineata, uneori
alege haine pentru mine.
(Mie um plac hainele
pe care mi le da mami).

O iubesc pe mami cu tot sufletul.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The cake fight chapter 12

The Cake fight chapter 12
I have a great house and family. But what I don't like is I am not allowed to use a oven. So instead I use a toy one. I'm so sad about that. My birthday is coming up in a week. ( September 30th 2012.) Maybe my parents will let me use the oven on my birthday!

The florida vacation chapter 1

The Florida Vacation

By Daria Radulescu-Banu

Chapter 1 coming home for news

Sarah Birlden ran home from the cold, windy, winter air. She quickly took off her purple jacket, and picked up her orange, tabby cat with green eyes.” Sarah!” She heard her mother’s voice. She gently put down the orange cat and skipped up to her mother. “Sarah.” she now said in a soft, sweet voice.” Your dad and I decided that we are going to Florida for February vacation. We need to start packing soon. We leave in five days.” Sarah started to get excited. “ Thank you so much! This is all I wanted for my birthday!” She appreciated what her parents had done to make her feel happy.