Thursday, May 31, 2012

Interview animals

Name= Ms. Blueball

Favorite color=blue

job=wing maker

friends= Mrs.Redrye, Ms.Greengoo

likes=anything blue


The Florida Vacation Chapter Three Staying home

After Sarah brushed her teeth she went and got dressed. She wore a green shirt and dark blue yoga pants. Today was Tuesday. It was Hailing hard. She went downstairs to eat her breakfast. "Mom when are we going to start packing for Florida?" She asked. "Well today we need to take you to skiing class and after that you are ready to start packing." Her Mom Answered. Sarah sat down at the table. Just then the phone rang. "Lisa?"The voice on the phone said. "Yes this is she, who is this?" Asked Sarah's Mom into the phone. "This is Mary Gregton. Gardihin school's principle. We are here to inform you that there is no school today for Ms.Sarah Birlden because it will be hailing and lightning will start. Thanks for being okay with it. Bye now!" Said the woman on the phone.