Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sneezing Princess Paisley

Once upon a time there was a princess named Paisley. Paisley had blond hair and a golden shining crown. She would always wear pink dresses. The problem with Paisley was she would always sneeze. When she sat down on her royal purple throne she would sneeze and get the purple throne dirty. One day she was walking past a guard and she sneezed right on him. The queen, queen Megan decided that it was time for princess Paisley to have manner lessons. So one day Princess Paisley walked into the lesson room. "Hello, I am the manner teacher Miss Franks. Do not sit like that on a chair it is very rude. I will teach you to be a lady. I heard from your mother Queen Megan that you are sneezing to much and your also sneezing on people. I decided that you will need a handkerchief. So you can sneeze in it." Miss Franks said. "Okay, but can I choose mine?" Princess Paisley asked. "Of course." Miss Franks responded. Princess Paisley chose a white one with little tiny pink flowers on it. After using the handkerchief so much she didn't have to sneeze so much and everything was okay in the kingdom.



Pierre Radulescu said...

She could use also paper tissues. Just a suggestion.

daria said...

That's true