Tuesday, March 19, 2013

homemade cupcakes for sale chapter 6

I answered the phone. I saw that my BFF Riley was calling me.
" Hey Riley!" I say into the phone.
" Heyo !" Riley said." Want come over?"
"ive got the babysitting job right now! Remember?"
"Oh yah! ill text you later bye !" she hung up the phone so quick i couldnt even say bye. The girls looked so tired so i asked them if they wanted to take a nap. They nodded their heads. Marisol layed down on one side of the modern sand colored couch and Ruth on the other side.
" Can you tell us a story?" Ruth asked.
" Sure!" I say. I ran up the stairs and chose a picture book from the collection. I found the book 'Amelia Bedilia's First Apple Pie' by Herman Parish. I remembered how much i used to love the series. I read the back of the book. It said this: Meet Amelia Bedelia! She's shorter and she's younger than the one you know, And her only job is having fun, But she'll make you laugh all the same!
It sounded pretty interesting to me. I ran down the stairs to the girls. They were still in the same position. I started to read. Then I was on the last sentence of the book.
" She made all our apples in the first place." I read.

I looked up.The 2 girls were asleep.

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